The Gorilla Package

UFO Video

"All I remember is the mothership smelled like blueberries and armpits."

                        Dick Owens-

Dicks Wheels
 My friend and I were driving alone when she noticed a large silver "mercury" looking object several blocks ahead of us. A blinging light or reflection was coming from the object. So bright it was blinding me thus pissing me off. I started to video the object with my Blackberry phone. Since we were driving west at around 5:30 pm in May, the sun was north of us at about 4 o'clock high. I made sure not to film the sun!! Here is the strange part. On the video the metallic "mercury" looking object is not seen. Instead a bright ball of light wich appears to be the sun is seen. But after a few seconds into the video. A strange object we could not see with our naked eyes start to fly around. Please remember, what you are seeing in this video is not what we were seeing that day making this a strange video. Also the time is different were as on the video when the sound stops I was not filming anymore. By the way, This occured the day after I published the Gorilla Package.

MORE to come... maybe.
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